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Sports Medicine – Los Angeles Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists

Welcome to Los Angeles Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists

Opening Hours : 9AM to 5PM (Daily)
  Contact : (323) 264-7600

Sports Medicine in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists is dedicated to providing a sports medicine program that focuses on helping athletes improve their performance, injury recovery and how to prevent future injuries.  We also promote health education and healthy lifestyles which benefit people from all walks of life, not just athletes.

Our sports medicine physicians provide sports injury treatments including physical therapy, imaging services, sports nutrition, consultations and walk-in care.  This also includes sports medicine coverage, information, health screenings and access to orthopaedic care and prevention.

Our sports medicine doctors treat professional and amateur athletes, people who have suffered injuries and those with disabilities trying to improve mobility and responsiveness.

Difference Between Acute and Chronic Injuries

Acute Injuries are the most severe and defined as:

  1. Not being able to place weight on a leg, knee, ankle, or foot
  2. Sudden, severe pain
  3. Swelling

Chronic Injuries are latent and defined as:

  1. Pain when you play
  2. Pain when you exercise
  3. A dull ache when you rest

Important: LAOSS recommends to never try and “work through” the pain resulting from a sports injury. Stop playing or exercising immediately when you feel pain and contact a physician immediately if the pain persists.