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LAOSS Extends a Warm Welcome to Dr. Nalamlieng!

The Los Angeles Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists team is happy to welcome our newest surgeon!

Yesterday, August 2, 2017, was the first day on the job for Foot & Ankle Specialists, Dr. Matthew Nalamlieng. Though it was officially his first day, Dr. Nalamlieng, was a familiar site at the LAOSS clinic, having completed his residency with White Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. Nalamlieng, rounds out a well staffed core of surgeons at LAOSS.  So, apart from General Orthopaedics, LAOSS now has a foot & ankle specialist, a hand & wrist specialist, a shoulder & upper extremity specialist, a sports medicine specialist as well as general orthopaedist and other service providers. What this means for the LAOSS team and more importantly, our patients, is that we can provide all general orthopaedic treatments in-house, without the need to send our patients elsewhere.  Apart from a fully rounded staff, LAOSS also provides in-house X-Ray services padding an additional level of comfort for our patients.

So, who is our newest team member?  We posed 3 questions for Dr. Nalamlieng:

1) Why did you become a podiatrist/foot & ankle specialist?

I’ve always enjoyed helping people and that mixed with a love for the sciences and mechanics, it made sense to pursue a career that involved the study and treatment of some of the more biomechanically dynamic structures of the body, the foot and ankle.


2) What can you contribute to LAOSS?

Apart from my boyish good looks? Not much else.  No, in all actuality this group is a very refined practice that the other docs and PAs have put a lot of time and care into. I really consider it a privilege to work alongside some of the best in this area. I hope that I can add a whole new component to the group by focusing on the treatment of various foot and ankle conditions, while at the same time collaborating with some of the other specialty surgeons here to innovate and design improved treatment strategies for some of the more complex conditions and injuries.


3) How was your first day on the job?

Busy. Real busy. But that’s a good thing.


Dr. Nalamlieng was preceded by Dr. Katcherian, who joined LAOSS a few weeks prior.

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All New look for LAOSS Center & Team

Welcome to the New LAOSS Orthopaedic Clinic @ White Memorial Medical Center!

Up for a national award, LAOSS Orthopaedic Clinic is now serving Pasadena, Whittier, Hollywood, Calabasas & Topanga Canyon.

The Los Angeles Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists medical clinic, which has undergone an expansion and interior design upgrade, is up for a national award because of 6 wall murals decorating its halls and waiting area.  Winning 2017 Best of Class at the PIASC Print Awards, the clinic also expanded its square footage space for a staff of 18 professionals.

The murals are photographs of Los Angeles’ city scapes, namely, the First Street, Fourth Street, Sixth Street (under reconstruction) and Seventh Street Bridges connecting Downtown to the Eastside, in Boyle Heights.  The clinic is part of the White Memorial Medical Center complex, but is an independent clinic known for its orthopaedic surgeries and arthroscopy procedures.

Headed by Dr. Kevin J. Pelton, the clinic can be reached at (323) 264-7600 or via email at info@laorthos.net.

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