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3 Simple Tips to Ease Wrist Pain

Tip #1: Take plenty of breaks

Make sure to take frequent breaks from typing and doing work. Shake out your hands every now and then. Don’t sit in your chair for too long!

Tip #2: Typing Technique

Be aware of your typing technique. You can get a tool that supports your wrists by keeping your hands in the right position. You can also get a keyboard that comfortably suits you. Make sure your wrists are in a neutral location and try to reframe from bending them too much when typing.

Tip #3: Short Fingernails

It’s better to keep your fingernails short. Typing can be hard on your wrists when you have long fingernails. Your wrists have to compensate for the uncomfortable position that your long nails put them in. Not even wrist support tools can help because you have to bend your wrists anyways.

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