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Archive for October 2017

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Animation

A total knee replacement surgery is for individuals who want to relieve pain in their knees. When the pain becomes unbearable or when they can no longer continue their daily routine, quite often a total or partial knee replacement surgery is the answer!

Here’s a cool animation of the surgery if you are curious as to what happens in the procedure!

Video provided by Medical Knowledge

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What is Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

So What is Shoulder Replacement?

Replacing your shoulder is the surgical process that substitutes the ball and socket of the shoulder with implants that are synthetic. Not only does this surgery replace your ball and socket but it also removes the socket in your shoulder blade (glenoid) and head of the humerus (the upper arm bone).

Only after these bone pieces are taken out can synthetic copies of the ball and socket be surgically implanted. Synthetic implants help individuals gain back their joint versatility and they limit chronic pain.

Why is This Surgery Performed?

Shoulder replacements happen quite often and there are many reasons why people have them done. One of the reasons can be constant chronic pain in the shoulder. Chronic pain in the joints happen when cartilage gradually wears away. When cartilage diminishes, it decreases joint mobility and pain arises. An example of this condition would be arthritis.

Another reason individuals would want to get a shoulder replacement is if they have rotator cuff tears or severe shoulder fractures. This would require a reverse shoulder replacement that would essentially eliminate the damaged bone of the shoulder and replace it with a new synthetic version.

Who is This Surgery Right For?

Over the years, we have found that shoulder replacements pertain to a wide age group. You can never be too young or too old to have your shoulder replaced. If your shoulder is constantly irritating you or distracting you from living a normal life then considering a shoulder replacement surgery could be a reasonable solution.

What If I Have Chronic Shoulder Pain?

If you are exhibiting any of the symptoms previously stated, or you are dealing with consistent pain in your shoulder, then seeking out more information from a doctor would be in your best interest. A shoulder replacement could be what you need to get back to feeling normal and pain free.

If you want to receive more information about shoulder replacements, we have experts who would happily oblige you. Schedule an appointment with Los Angeles Orthopaedic Surgery Specialists by clicking here

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Senior Activities: 4 Benefits of Staying Active

1. Staying Active Decreases Depression

Improve your Mental Health by engaging in senior activities that you enjoy. Extensive research has been shown to prove that there is a correlation between exercise and minimizing depression in seniors. Research also concludes that exercising also releases chemicals that are essential to feeling good, called endorphins. Seniors struggling with depression should not only take medication, but should also practice exercising daily.

2. Staying Active Decreases Falls

Even short amounts of exercise like range-of-motion exercises and walking can decrease risks to potential falls. Staying active helps build muscle in the lower and upper extremities. Not only does staying active strengthen your body but it also increases your flexibility, your spatial awareness, your balance, and your stamina. All of these attributes increase your prevention to falls and other injuries. It’s important to prevent falls because they are one of the biggest health risks accustomed to seniors.

3. Staying Active Increases Social Networks

Communication is very essential for everyone, especially for seniors. Seniors need motivation and support in the latter phase of their life to prevent depression. Joining groups who participate in senior activities would be the most effective to battling depression. Common interests make it easier to make friends. In a group setting, data has shown that seniors feel a sense of belonging and are less stressed. The more friends the merrier!

4. Staying Active Increases Cognitive Health

Cognition health can improve when you add repetitive routines to your life. Great activities that can help enhance cognition are yoga, tai chi, and dancing. Improving cognition is important to offsetting the progress of dementia. You don’t even need to stand to participate in these activities. You are able to do them from your chair if you are unable to stand!

It’s critical to stay active physically and socially to gain the best quality of life. Next time you are thinking of napping, try exchanging that activity for something more energetic. Exercising could be your new favorite hobby and you could gain a friend or two!

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How To Prevent Injuries From A Rollercoaster

Why do rollercoasters cause pain?

Rollercoasters can be thrilling and exciting but they can cause injury in your neck, muscles, ligaments, tissues, and bones.

It’s important to note if you are already experiencing pain before going on the rollercoaster. During a ride you can bend forward abruptly, make hard twists and turns. This can increase the pressure on your discs located in your back. These movements can inflict serious pain especially if one suffer from back pain already.

How to prevent injury or pain

Stretch: In order to reduce pain, you can stretch regularly. Before getting on any rides, stretching can loosen up tight muscles. This can help reduce muscle spasms by loosening up your muscles.

Hydrate: Drink lots of water. Our muscles are mainly made up of 75% water. Water can help muscles, blood vessels, and joints function. Muscle tissue is made up of about 75 percent water.

If you’ve recently been on a rollercoaster and suffer from an injury or pain, an orthopedic doctor can diagnose the pain. (323) 264-7600


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3 Stretches To Ease Pregnancy Back Pain

Do you suffer from pain during your pregnancy? By adjusting your posture and stretching, you can minimize that annoying back pain. These pregnancy exercises can strengthen your core muscles as well as make it easier to get that flat belly back after delivery.

Here are three easy exercises to reduce your back pain.


Stretching and strengthening your muscles increases muscle activation. Squats are an easy-go to exercise. Do NOT do this if you are suffering from pelvic pain.

  1. Stand in a wide squat position with your feet and knees slightly turned out. This should cause you to feel it around your thighs into your hips/glutes/upper hamstrings. Make sure to keep your weight on your heels.
  2. Your butt should be pointed upwards. You should feel the stretch as it hits your core. Do this in sets of 10 to 20 reps.

Round Stretch

This stretch is similar to the cat cow and child’s pose combined. This stretch activates those deep core muscles.

  1. Begin in the child’s pose position reaching your arms out. Keep your knees wide. You want to stretch your hips back as far as you can. Then arch your back as you stretch up and down.

Pigeon Stretch

This stretch can relieve sciatic discomfort and stretch your belly.  If your hips are too tight, this will increase pregnancy back pain. Place a pillow underneath your hips if you feel any discomfort. But remember, these stretches should relieve pain and not increase it.

  1. One leg should be stretched backward causing your leg to be straight along the floor, the other leg should be bent to where you are sitting on your knee. Arch your lower back making it easier to stretch your glutes and hips.
  1. Gently push off the floor with your upper body. This will stretch your belly. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds then roll up and switch sides.


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How To Strengthen Your Wrists

Being in a position that extends the wrist, like plank pose, puts a lot of pressure on the joint. If your wrist is not flexible or strong enough to prevent the bones from touching, you can wind up with painful impingement, and aggravated tendons and ligaments. ~ outside online.com

Weak wrist muscles causes your body rely more on the contact between bones to hold the position. By strengthening your wrists, it will create less contact for your muscles.

Exercise #1

This exercise targets strengthening your wrist by extending your muscles.

  • Your palm should be facing upward. Keep your hand aligned with your arm. Grab a light weight then begin to lower it toward the floor. Repeat this up and down.
  • Do about 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps on each wist. If it becomes hard to complete 2-3 sets lower the weight and start off with less reps.

Exercise #2

This next exercise is good for radial strengthening. This targets strengthening your wrist muscles.

  • Stand with your arms at your side. Leaving your hands at your side, stretch your palm upward. Repeat this process up and down. Once you understand how to do the exercise, add weight.Final note: These exercises can help increase your wrist strength. If you continue to have pain in your wrists, make an appointment to diagnose your pain. (323) 264-7600
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Common Mistakes When Using An Exercise Ball


Adding an exercise ball to a strength-training or stretching routine can create a more effective workout! The real question is, are you using your exercise ball correctly? 

As with any type of strength training, doing moves incorrectly means not targeting the muscles effectively and a bigger risk of injury. ~ popsugar.com

Using the Correct Size Ball

It’s important to use the correct size ball for your height. Yoga balls come in three different sizes. If you are using the incorrect ball size it can create a less effective exercise. Make sure your yoga ball is filled with the proper amount of air.


Form is very important. Each rep should be done without wobbling or falling over. If instability occurs during the workout, it makes the workout useless. You can also overwork yourself and over extend. To help with that; widen your stance, place more of your weight on the ball, and go at a slower pace.

Here’s a funny video displaying how NOT to use your yoga ball at home. Incorrect usage can lead to strain or injury. If you are experiencing pain, give us a call (323) 264-7600.


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