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Pain caused by “Texting thumb”

What is it?

“Texting thumb” is also called arthritis of the carpometacarpal joint. There is no formal diagnosis named “texting thumb.” A person has “texting thumb” when they exhibit pain in their hands, from doing a single action repeatedly. Repetitive stress injury (RSI) is the term used to categorize pain connected to using smartphones. There’s not much inflammation, no dislocation, or broken anything. A repetitive action that many people do today, is swipe on their smartphones. Although using your phones for large amounts of time may cause irritation, this does not necessarily mean that you will develop a negative health condition or that any ligaments were torn.

How to treat it?

This is your body telling you that your hands simply need a rest. Take a break from your phone. Rest is important, and so is stretching out your fingers and wrists every now and then. If you really do need to use your phone, just move your phone to the hand that’s not sore.

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