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Helpful Tips When It Comes To ACL Surgery

Tip #1: Wait For The Swelling To Subside
The surgery will have a higher success rate if there is no more swelling. Make sure you don’t end up damaging your knee again while you wait for the swelling to abate.

Tip #2: Yoga
Yoga is a great way to practice managing your balance and strength. Have some yoga sessions before your surgery. Then you’ll notice the benefits after your surgery. It’ll help you stay upright when you’re putting all your weight on one leg or when you’re using crutches.

Tip #3: Avoid Hopping 
It’s not a good idea to be hopping anytime soon after your surgery. Hopping on one leg can bring about internal bleeding and additional discomfort. You could consider using a wheelchair for the time being.

Tip #4: Recovery
A physical therapist’s advice on recovery time is a recommended suggestion. However, you do not necessarily have to strictly follow this suggestion. Go at your own pace and do what feels comfortable to you. Do your exercises at a speed that suits you.

Tip #5: Touching Your Toes
When you need to take off or put on socks, have someone else do it for you. Reaching for your toes quickly can cause pain. So to avoid pain, have someone handle your socks for you until you recover!

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