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4 Ways To Protect Your Joints In Cold Weather

  • Tip #1: Stay hydrated

    • It’s important to drink lots of water, especially during the winter! Since your body mainly consists of water, it’s vital that you hydrate. With less water in your system, it is more likely that you’ll have joint pain. Drinking plenty of water helps diminish friction and it also helps lubricate the cartilage connecting your joints.
  • Tip #2: Warm Water

    • Whenever you find yourself coming into contact with water, make sure it’s warm water! Like if you were to go for a swim in the pool, make sure that the pool is heated. Warm baths can also help with joint pain too! Immersing yourself in warm water relaxes the joints.
  • Tip #3: Bundle Up

    • It’s important that you dress appropriately for the weather. With cold weather you definitely need to layer up! The more layers, the better your joints are protected! Make sure you also keep your hands warm by wearing gloves or mittens.
  • Tip #4: Weight Loss

    • Losing weight will be significantly harder to do with the holidays coming up, but anything is possible! Dropping a couple of pounds helps reduce the stress on your joints. You can reduce your weight by taking up exercising or changing your diet!

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