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4 Everyday Habits that Result in Pain

Habit 1: Sleeping on your stomach

If you sleep on your stomach, this can add stress to your neck and back because it gives a lift that your body is not accustomed to. Sleeping on your side can also cause strain, so it is best advised to sleep on your back. Make sure that you’re only using one pillow to support your head.

Habit 2: Sitting with crossed legs

Crossing your legs while siting can induce both hip and back pain. Your hip pain is caused from the irregular elevation of your hip pressing on the opposite side of your body. Crossing your legs can also add tension on your sciatic nerve because of the misalignment of your spine.

Habit 3: Holding a heavy purse or bag

By carrying something heavy, this causes soreness in the back, neck, and shoulders. It can interfere with blood flow and and create unbalanced muscle tone. If you do have to carry something heavy, try to find a cross-body bag for it so it can distribute the weight equally to both sides of your body.

Habit 4: Sitting with bad posture

Bad posture can bring about pain in your upper back and shoulders. That’s because when you’re at a desk and sit with  your neck craned and your shoulders hunched, this in turn causes your chest muscles to condense. To fix this problem, you can either make it so your computer screen is at eye level or put a pillow in your chair to support your lower back.

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