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5 Jobs that are Bad on the Joints

Job 1: Construction Workers

There are many Arthritis risks when it comes to the construction industry. A great risk factor for Arthritis is when workers lift heavy weights without the proper form. Another way construction workers can develop arthritis is by the tools they use. If they use tools that vibrate like air hammers, then they are at higher risk of developing Arthritis in their shoulders, hands, and wrists.

Job 2: Dancers

In the long run, dancing can cause almost every joint to develop Arthritis. The parts of the body at the highest risk of developing Arthritis are the ankles and hips. Ballet dancers are dancers that definitely utilize their ankles and hips.

Job 3: Musicians

What makes Arthritis highly likely to happen in musicians is because they complete many repetitive actions that can cause pain or strain. They also have a higher risk for damaging those joints since their joints are loose.

Job 4: Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers have an increased risk of developing back Arthritis due to their bad posture and heavy lifting. They drive long-distances, so having terrible posture the entire time can be detrimental.

Job 5: Teachers

Teachers have to walk around all day and stay on their feet. This makes them susceptible to developing foot arthritis. If they don’t have the right shoes to support their feet then foot arthritis is very likely to happen.

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