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Correlation between Alcohol and Joint Pain

Researchers can not conclude that alcohol is the direct cause for joint pain. Although some people state that after drinking alcohol they do start to feel joint pain, we can not apply this to everyone. Alcohol actually has many positive effects on the body and few negative effects if you drink it in moderation. However, for those who do not drink in moderation and intake alcohol at unhealthy levels this may cause nerve pain, a collection of substances that increase joint irritation, and it increases inflammation. Alcohol can bring about certain responses with people who are at risk for specific conditions, people who have arthritis, and people who are sensitive. The reactions you could possibly get from a large consumption of alcohol are:

Reaction 1: Dehydration

Alcohol is a natural diuretic. This means that it causes you to urinate more frequently. What holds your joints together are your ligaments. Ligaments utilizes water as a cushion. This cushion helps protect your joints from impact. Since alcohol takes away most of that liquid, it could make it harder for tendons and ligaments to keep you safe from impact. The important thing to know is that ligaments are tissues that dehydrate the fastest. So when you have been drinking excessively, you’ll notice the dehydration in your ligaments first. The dehydration in your ligaments could be a reason why you feel joint pain right after drinking.

Reaction 2: Reduced Medication Effects

If you drink alcohol while you’re also taking medication, this could alter the effects of your medication. Say, if you are taking arthritis medication, but you drink alcohol, this could lead to your medication being not as effective. Not only does it decrease the benefits of your medication but it also damages your liver. It is quite known that alcohol is bad for your liver, but if you are drinking alcohol while taking disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARD’s) then your risk of liver disease is higher than normal.

Reaction 3: Nerve Inflammation

Drinking unhealthy amounts of alcohol can potentially lead to inflammation of the nerves. The nerves are near the joints, so it would also cause irritation with the joints. Not only does it inflame the nerves but it also lowers your immune system reaction. If you already have joint pain then drinking alcohol might increase your arthritis pain.

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