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Why knee and Hip replacements are happening more frequently

Knee & hip replacements are increasing in number because:

1. Baby boomers are now seniors 

Baby boomers were born from 1946-1964. So they would be around 53 to 71 years old today! There are 76.4 million baby boomers. As we age, it is harder to maintain the health of our body. Our joints grow weaker if we don’t exercise daily. If our joint pain is too much, even after all our attempts at exercise or medication, then we start to consider joint replacement.

2. Widespread obesity 

Obesity has caused more people to get knee and hip replacements because more mass creates more pressure on the joints that support your weight. More weight causes the joints to be worked to the bone, until there is only painful friction. However, before turning to surgery, most doctors advise a nonoperative treatment. What they usually recommend before surgery is that you start changing your diet and start doing exercises. The exercises they usually suggest are using an elliptical machine, swimming, and cycling.

3. Word of Mouth 

The technology we have now, is way more advanced than it was before. We have technology like 3D printing to create joints parts and simulations that help doctors practice surgical procedures. With better technology, our surgeries are more accurate than ever. Successful surgeries present highly satisfied patients who recommend these surgeries to friends, colleagues, and family. The more success stories there are, the more people will turn to hip and knee replacements.

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