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3 Exercises for Shoulder Pain

Exercise 1: Shoulder Stretch

To begin this exercise, begin in the standing position. Afterwards, lift your shoulders up towards the ceiling and count to five. Then take both arms and move them behind your body to get a good stretch in your shoulder blades. Do this for five seconds as well. Finally, point your shoulder blades to the ground for five seconds. Do ten sets of this exercise!

Exercise 2: Door Lean

For this exercise, you will need to find a doorway to stand in. Lift your arms and place them on the walls, a little above eye level. Keep your arms in the same spot while you bring your body forward. If you feel a good stretch in your shoulders then you’re doing it right. Make sure to keep this position for fifteen to thirty seconds. Do this exercise three more times! You should not do this exercise if you have a shoulder impingement.

Exercise 3: Pendulum Exercise

For this last exercise, you also start off by standing! Hold the back of a chair with your dominant hand. Then with the other hand, you’ll swing it like a pendulum, back and forth. After the pendulum motion, then you’ll swing your arm in a circular motion. You’ll need to do this exercise two or three times throughout your day and do 5 sets each time!

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