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Reasons why Walking is better than Running

1. Running in hot weather can provoke a heat stroke

Runners need to be careful when running in high temperatures. If they add too much stress to their bodies in these hot conditions then this can potentially cause multi-organ dysfunction. It is possible to get a heat stroke while walking too, but the difference between walking and running is that there’s a lower chance that walkers will be stricken with organ failure.


2. Running can impair your heart

According to research from the Journal Circulation, 60 percent of runners in a marathon had elevated markers of troponin after their race. Troponin is an important part of the cardiac muscle but heightened measures of subtypes of these proteins can result in cardiovascular damage.


3. Running can cause your immune system to overwork itself

Walking does not overwork your immune system like running and long-distance running does. According to Dr. Uwe Schutz, long-distance runners are more prone to infections. When you’re burning your fat while running, you are also burning your muscle tissues too. This stresses out the immune system and puts great pressure on your body.


4. Running may lead to Osteoarthritis

Running does not directly result in Osteoarthritis, but running does prevent you from reducing the chance of developing the disease. This is because runners usually have had injuries. So if you have injured yourself previously, then it is more probable that you will distort you collagen network, wear down your cartilage, create a large number of microfractures to form in your bones, and decrease the lubrication for your joints.

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