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How To Strengthen Your Wrists

Being in a position that extends the wrist, like plank pose, puts a lot of pressure on the joint. If your wrist is not flexible or strong enough to prevent the bones from touching, you can wind up with painful impingement, and aggravated tendons and ligaments. ~ outside online.com

Weak wrist muscles causes your body rely more on the contact between bones to hold the position. By strengthening your wrists, it will create less contact for your muscles.

Exercise #1

This exercise targets strengthening your wrist by extending your muscles.

  • Your palm should be facing upward. Keep your hand aligned with your arm. Grab a light weight then begin to lower it toward the floor. Repeat this up and down.
  • Do about 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps on each wist. If it becomes hard to complete 2-3 sets lower the weight and start off with less reps.

Exercise #2

This next exercise is good for radial strengthening. This targets strengthening your wrist muscles.

  • Stand with your arms at your side. Leaving your hands at your side, stretch your palm upward. Repeat this process up and down. Once you understand how to do the exercise, add weight.Final note: These exercises can help increase your wrist strength. If you continue to have pain in your wrists, make an appointment to diagnose your pain. (323) 264-7600

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