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Common Mistakes When Using An Exercise Ball


Adding an exercise ball to a strength-training or stretching routine can create a more effective workout! The real question is, are you using your exercise ball correctly? 

As with any type of strength training, doing moves incorrectly means not targeting the muscles effectively and a bigger risk of injury. ~ popsugar.com

Using the Correct Size Ball

It’s important to use the correct size ball for your height. Yoga balls come in three different sizes. If you are using the incorrect ball size it can create a less effective exercise. Make sure your yoga ball is filled with the proper amount of air.


Form is very important. Each rep should be done without wobbling or falling over. If instability occurs during the workout, it makes the workout useless. You can also overwork yourself and over extend. To help with that; widen your stance, place more of your weight on the ball, and go at a slower pace.

Here’s a funny video displaying how NOT to use your yoga ball at home. Incorrect usage can lead to strain or injury. If you are experiencing pain, give us a call (323) 264-7600.


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