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Why Walking Your Dog is GREAT For Exercise

Around 36.5% of households own dogs in America! ~ www.avma.org

Dogs create the perfect weekly exercise!  They are nature’s perfect personal trainers. Dogs are always energetic and enthusiastic to go on a walk. These walks can create a good exercise routine for your week. They are supportive, motivating, and good walking companions. Research shows that these short walks can reduce the risk of developing a number of serious health problems.

It can reduce breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes risk and colon cancer. And these are only a few of the many benefits. Dog owners who walk their dogs are 25% less likely to be obese than people without dogs. Who knew dogs could be such loyal trainers? Follow these 3 tips to see how often you exercise!

  • Create a weekly walking schedule. Plan to walk 30 minutes overall each day. This can be divided in a Morning and Evening walk.
  • Once creating a schedule you will feel more obligated to stick with your weekly plan.
  • Track your progress over a month!

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