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Is Cycling Good For Your Knees?

Over 66 million people in the U.S. ride bikes. ~ www.statista.com

Cycling can improve overall leg strength and improve your knees as well. Because cycling is low-impact exercise, if done correctly, can be a great workout. Cycling can be done outside or inside at a nearby gym. Pedaling can benefit your body, along with other exercises. As you begin to cycle, try pairing it with other leg exercises like leg curls, lunges, squats, and calf raises.

Warm Up

Stretch before your workout. Your body needs to warm up before you start exercises. Cycling is very commonly used as a warm up exercise. So when you begin your workout, its important to ride from a slower pace then slowly work your way up.

Proper Adjustment

It’s important to properly adjust your bike to your body. By doing this, it can help prevent pain. The height of your seat can cause you to over extend your knees as you pedal. Pedal adjustment is also critical. Your feet need to be centered in order to prevent discomfort.


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