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How Many Hours A Day Do You Stand?

Standing during an average 5 hour shift can cause fatigue and pain. Cramps and back pain are a common factor. Standing can reduce blood flow to muscles and stop the regular muscle movements that return blood from the feet and legs to the heart. When blood and other fluids do not circulate properly,  your veins can become enflamed. This causes your ankles, legs, and feet to swell causing discomfort.

The study authors pointed out that almost half of all workers worldwide spend more than three-quarters of their workday standing. ~webmd.com

Workers commonly spend four hours or more of each day standing. Early signs can be swelling, back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, swollen feet and legs, and varicose veins.  Standing can lead to bunions, pressure on hips and ankle joints, and aching muscles.

There are ways to prevent or ease this pain.

  1. Alternate standing with sitting: It’s important to take breaks from standing for long periods of time.
  2.  Change your positions frequently: You can  walk around, stretch and stand in different positions to shift your weight around.
  3. Wear comfortable and supportive shoes: Supportive shoes or soles can reduce shock absorbed by your knees.

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