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Flats..Friend or Foe?

Just like heels, flats are also on the list of causes for women’s pain! Flat shoes When a woman’s heel is too low combined with things like the shoe being too tight, the body’s natural distribution of pressure is off-balance! Each step then becomes more concentrated or adds strain that is added to your heel. This strain can cause pain in your knees, hips, and back.

Trauma of landing hard on your heel, and the lack of arch support can cause the band of tissue running the length of your foot to stretch and tear. ~ David A Schofield, D.P.M

Remember just like heels, to always wear flats in moderation. Although they are an every day work shoe in the working field, they lack support for your heels. If you experiencing pain, call for an Orthopedic Consultation today (323) 264-7600.  Every woman at least owns one pair of flats. Here is a list of everyday flats used by women today.

Type of Flats

  1. Ballet flats 
  2. Oxfords
  3. Brogues
  4. Espadrilles
  5. Loafers (or slip-ons)
  6. Plimsolls
  7. Sandals


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