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Does Pain Affect Your Sleep?

Certain types of pain, such as arthritis pain and orthopedic pain, may prevent you from getting comfortable at night ~ Reena Mehra, MD, of University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland.

It is important to get a good nights rest. Sleep positions can create discomfort. For example, people who sleep on their stomachs can flatten the natural curve of their spine. This then would put some additional strain on your back muscles. Purchasing a contoured pillow can help with neck pain. These positions can help alleviate your back pain.

  • If you sleep on your back: Try placing a pillow underneath your knees. This will recreate the natural curve in your spine.
  • If you sleep on your stomach: Try placing a pillow underneath your lower abdomen and pelvis. This can help take the strain off your back.
  • If you sleep on your side: Place a pillow between your legs and knees. Curl your legs towards your chest.

If the changes in your sleep position do not help with your pain and lack of sleep, you may need professional help. Call and make an appointment today (323) 264-7600.


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