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Treadmill Safety 101

Treadmills like any machine at the gym, can be dangerous if used improperly. You can have the most expensive or tech savvy treadmill, you can go from a productive workout to a serious injury. Always remember to turn off your treadmill while not using to prevent injury to animals and children. Here are some Standard Tips to use while using one and a video showing you what NOT to do.

Almost 450,000 people, were sent to the ER or hospital in the year 2012 for injuries related to exercise equipment ~ usatoday.com

1. Look Forward! If not, you have more chances of losing your balance and falling.
2. Don’t lean on handrails! This can strain shoulders and elbows.
3. Monitor speed and incline when raising! Incline should be adjusted before raising the speed. Sometimes the incline is too steep, combining that with faster speed is a recipe for disaster.
4. Don’t step off a moving treadmill! Things like pieces of clothing can get caught which increases chances of injury.
5. Always wear shoes!  Shoes help absorb the shock of movement and take stress off of your joints while using the treadmill. You are more prone to scrapes, burns, and blisters if you’re barefoot.

Although the link below is funny, he is more prone to serious injury! He has already broken a couple of rules! Stay Safe! Do not try this at home!


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