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Pee Wee Football with Huge Injuries

Youth in Sports

Children as young as 5-6yrs old are playing contact sports. Shoulder and knee injuries are very common in tackle football. Youth can be victims of shoulder dislocations, torn ACLs, fractures, ligament tears, and broken bones. A common symptom is overuse.

Overuse injuries affect tendons, bones and joints and can result from playing the same sport and performing the same movements too often, too hard or at too young an age with inadequate recovery time. ~ usatoday.com

Take Precautions!

It’s important to allow time for the body to rest and heal. Athletes should report injuries. Coaches should encourage injury-preventative exercises and decisions. Parents and youth should become more educated in sports safety and proper technique.

If in need of a doctor that can help you with your child’s injury, contact us at  (323) 264-7600. We are here to help.


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