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Gym Fails: How NOT-TO Do Your Exercises

Many people go to the gym thinking that any type of exercise is good.  BUT, that’s not always the case…

I’ve see women hurting them selves, instead of getting good exercise

Have you ever seen people on the step climber that appear not to do the proper exercise?  Scenarios like people slamming their feet on the steps, people bent over the bars trying to keep up with the machine’s speed?  How about this one, people rocking out to their music and falling off the machine!

There are many reasons why step machiines are good for you like:  Low-Impact Exercises,  Muscle Development, and Calorie Burning.  That’s the pros of it.

Well, in any case if you misuse a piece of equipment you can hurt yourself so we advise to ALWAYS USE PROPER POSTURE AND GO AT YOUR OWN PACE. The cons of misusing this type of gym equipment are best illustrated on the video below.

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