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Millennials & Digital Healthcare

Never before has a generation of Americans used digital technology for healthcare as much as Millennials.  Yup leave it to the Millennials to change things up in the healthcare industry.  So,  Millennials are now finding new and innovative ways to make use of healthcare like never before.  here are the TOP 10 ways they use digital technology for their health care:

  1. 50% of millennials have looked up health information online.
  2. 27% of millennials use a health or fitness app.
  3. 23% have looked up online reviews for care providers or hospitals.
  4. 20% used a website to make an appointment, check lab results or manage prescriptions.
  5. Almost 20% of millennials used a medical care provider’s or health insurer’s website.
  6.  11% communicated with their healthcare provider or health insurance professional electronically.
  7. 8% of millennials used a blue tooth device to track health and exercise patterns.
  8. Nearly 9% reported soliciting medical advice on social media.
  9. 8%  joined an online health-related community.
  10. More than half feel that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

So, what’s next?  A virtual office visit?  Why not?  If we can utilize nano-particles to cure disease, why not maximize the use of digital technology for your own health.  If YOU want to create an appointment with us, go to our website’s home page and set an appointment online! http://www.laorthos.net It’s fast, free and easy.


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