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Who needs Joint Juice When You Have Natural Alternatives?

Americans are used to taking medicine or pain relievers for everything.

Got a headache?  Take a pill.  Got stomach problems?  Take a laxative.  Got pain in your joints?  Drink some joint juice.  We pop a pill for everything.  But natural, healthier, alternatives are always a better option.

Remaining arthritis and pain-free requires that you practice good joint preservation techniques. The following tips and techniques will help you keep your joints as healthy as possible as you age:

Stay Active

Avoid staying in the same position for a long time and avoid stiffness. Keep from being in the same position for a prolonged period of time. Be sure to stretch at least once every hour or so.


Move each joint of your body through its full range of motion to stay pain-free and flexible.  Be sure your movements are slow and gentle and don’t forget to stretch.

Flex & Stretch

Be sure to flex and stretch your joints in the way they were meant to.  Don’t over-extend or put your joints in a position where they hurt.

Good Posture

Your posture has a significant impact on whether your joints will remain flexible and pain-free. Practice good posture and adjust all activities (like sitting at your desk) to your body’s proportions.  At all costs, avoid back pain by picking up items using your legs, not your lower back.

Favor Larger Joints

Use your larger joints for heavier tasks, (like lifting boxes with your legs instead of your back).  Use the smaller, weaker joints for lighter duties. Instead of lifting objects, slide them if possible.



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